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Limited number of groups! Special Wagyu Beef Course <Stove Home Course> All 9 items 6000 yen

Limited number of groups! Special Wagyu Beef Course <Stove Home Course> All 9 items 6000 yen

6000 yen

  • 9items
  • 430persons
  • All-you-can-drink available
    More than 100 types of barrel wines from around the world spread all over the wall of the store ◆ Unlimited time ◆ All you can drink!

Kobe beef, A5 rank Kuroge Wagyu beastly special courses! There is no shop that can offer this course at the same price as our shop! (Maybe) Arrange Kobe beef and A5 Wagyu in 'Izakaya style', 9 items We will prepare! On weekdays over 100 kinds of barrel wines from all over the world spread all over the wall inside the shop <All time without drink> <Drink unlimited time> Eat a luxury Japanese beef cuisine where you can eat, how about a luxurious banquet !?


■ Broiled meat sushi of marbled Japanese Wagyu

<Luxury dish to be cooked in front of you>

Broiled Salad of Kuroge Wagyu's Tariata


■ Kobe beef heart configuration ~ truffle salt and balsamico sauce ~

<In the acid palate balsamico sauce of the confirmed Kobe beef pine>

■ Kobe Beef Tripper with Spicy Tomato Simulated Mashed Potatoes

<I cooked the chewy tripper overnight thoroughly>

■ A5 Lava grill of Kuroge Wagyu beef

<Grill the highest ranked Wagyu in a lavish burning on the lava plate>

■ 【marbled Japanese beef pan】 or 【Kobe beef hormone teppanyaki】 or 【Shabu-shabu】

※ Please choose one

■ deadline noodles

* It varies depending on which pan you selected or Teppan-yaki or Shabu-shabu.

■ Assorted non-additive olives

■ Yoghurt Sherbet Ice with active lactic acid bacteria

※ We put messages etc for customers such as birthday!

All-you-can-drink menu

Beer, highball
· Kirin's first squeeze / Hoppy set (black · white) / Horse high ball / Horse ginger highball
· 100 kinds of barrel wines / sparkling wine / muggy drinking wine (red · white) / refreshing wine high ball (red · white) / grubber 「homemade sangria」 (red · white)
· Chu Hai / raw lemon sour / raw grapefruit sour / man plum sour / calp sour / oolong break / brown rice green tea break / refresh tomato sour / plum wine soda
- Shochu, sake
· Potato (organic sweet shochu "Kanejyo" · Steel stem · Satsuma festival) / wheat (muddy · wheat field) / rice (FUCHITA) / warehouse liquor
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea with mugs / coca cola with mugs / ginger ale with mugs
Reservation deadline
Coming to the store until the day 15 of the desired date

2018/01/08 update